Let’s do 52 – Week 20, Energy

Don’t you also feel like kitty here? My gosh, waking up at 5AM every week morning is starting to get to me. Think I’d get away with a nap during my lunch break? HAHA me neither, hey.

Week 20, Energy

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Let’s do 52 – Week 14, Give Me a Drink

Week 14, Give me a drink


Coolest gift I ever got, you ask? Well my awesome camera mug, of course! This baby keeps me hydrated on the go and it’s SO… me, ya know? I’ll admit, I don’t drink enough during the day. Water, I mean. I get so caught up in whatever it is I’m doing, that I just plain forget to drink something. I would never skip a meal, I love food way too much! But I’ve never really gotten into the habit of getting enough to drink during the day… It’s difficult for me. I would rather eat than drink. Seriously. If anyone could give me some tips other than “have it with you all the time” that would be great. Because simply having it with me  does not work. I would end up getting a headache because of dehydration during the day, and productivity just goes way down. Anyone got tips for me? I’d appreciate it if you’d take the time to comment below.

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Cats get thirsty too, obviously.

"cat drinking out of a straw" cat, straw, thirsty kitty,

I have no idea whose cat this is, but she ended up in our backyard this afternoon. She was a bit scared at first but quickly warmed up to us. So we played with her for a bit (she likes sticks for some reason) and is very energetic! So I guess eventually she just got thirsty and decided to help herself to my water. I never knew cats did straws! At some point she sat still for about 0.253 seconds so I can snap a decent shot of her, I’m so glad I was cam-ready!

cat, cat drinking out of a straw, thirsty kitty, green eyes,


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and  then, she {snapped}