New Software

I recently ordered new colour management software to calibrate my screen. It finally arrived this week, with impeccable timing I might add…

Just when I had spilled about a quarter of my nail polish remover out on my boxers *I* had to go sign for it, even though my parents were home too – fully clothed might I add. So there I am, standing in my room, no pants and can’t find any that would be conveniently lying over my chair. NO. I had to do something rare the night before and actually put stuff in drawers. And of course, it was laundry day too. Now I’m panicking because my mom keeps yelling at me ‘the guy is waiting for you!’. I got annoyed and yelled back “I’m sure he expects me to be wearing some pants!” Why couldn’t they just friggen sign for it?! So eventually I did find something, but when I put it on, it didn’t fit. :O

So in that moment, feeling fat and rushed, I just put my shirt over so no one can see it wont close, and went to sign for my package. Which then I realized was already inside the house. (WTF!) Self conscious and embarrassed, I sign on some digital thingo (which was super cool by the way) and tune the guy a quick thank you like I don’t even mean it, and rush back in. Poor dude.

Anyways, software installed and working perfectly. Don’t need to sign for that. 😀

Keep Smiling,

Lady Cookie Monster


One thought on “New Software

  1. Rebecca says:

    “I’m sure he expects me to be wearing pants” !! he he he…..

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