I ♥ Photojojo

They say the first step to recovery is admitting that you have an addiction. So here it is: I AM PHOTO CRAZY. Being that as it may, I have no intention of changing that! So in celebration of all things photo, here is my wish list from The Photojojo Store. I have even behaved and kept the list short.

The Camera Lens Mug and Shot Glass from Photojojo

The Camera Lens Mug and Shot Glass

Everyone has heard of the camera lens mug by now, yes it’s very cool and there’s one for Canon and Nikon lovers alike… but have you heard about the The Shot Glass Lens Set? These mini ceramic lenses are standard bar shot size; but the fun doesn’t stop there. They can be used for a magnitude of other things such as organizing office supplies, holding your tooth pics, spare change or memory cards. Comes in a set of 3. I want like, 30 of them. No jokes.

The Click Click Camera Print from Photojojo

The Click Click Camera Print

Just look at it. Hand-printed on 100% cotton paper with soy ink, it’s pretty much 11″ x 14″ of awesome. And like they say on the site, “It’s definitely better looking than a Justin Bieber poster and has more street cred, too.” That made me giggle 🙂

Camera Cookie Cutters from Photojojo

The Camera Cookie Cutter Set

Since I’m a photo geek and a cookie monster, this is just perfection. They’re about 3″ in size and too darn cute! You get three different designs: an SLR, a classic rangefinder, and an old-school twin reflex camera. All with a little stamp thingo you can add the details with. Neat-o!

So that’s my top choices… Hope you find them to be cool too. Maybe one day I’ll just splurge and just buy them all! 😛 But until then, I can only dream! haha

Keep smiling,

Lady Cookie Monster

PS: Clicking on the images takes you to the item listed on The Photojojo Store itself so you can check it out there. Also these images are obviously not my own, since I said “wish list” but just to be clear so I don’t get sued and never be able to afford these I thought I’d point that out for the retards out there. You’re welcome!


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